Customized USB Drives

Customized USB Drives

We at Solezgu provides Customized USB Drives for branding and marketing purposes across United Arab Emirates. Simply select your USB type and get it branded for your personal or business needs.

The Number One Giveaway – Promotional USB

If you aren’t convinced that Customized USB Drives are a necessity in the world of business, then carry on reading. There are so many uses for branded flash drives, regardless of what industry you are in. We can print USB sticks with your company logo for both promotional and professional purposes, and they are a fantastic way to hand out digital information to clients, business connections and colleagues no matter the file size or format.

We can also store the sticks with data files for you prior to delivery, so that they are ready to go as soon as you receive them. Ideal when you’re short on time! There’s a branded memory stick to suit every business or project, so get in touch to discuss your requirements.

We are a top supplier of Customized USB Drives & more giveaway items

If you’re looking for a supplier of Customized USB Drives to promote your company’s pride, recognize years of service or recognize a team on special occasion, Solezgu can provide you with the cheapest and high quality of Customized USB Drives with a with six months warranty. Our experienced sales team and in-house designers are committed to meet your time frame and requirements. Solezgu offers a huge variety of manufactured USB with styles and storage capacity for your Customized USB Drives. We can work with your corporate logo guidelines — or create something from a simple details or mock up. Your final Customized USB Drives will be exactly what you wanted

Stand out from the crowd with the most useful Customized USB Drives.

A useful technology gift for everyone will appreciate is a custom printed USB flash drive! You can load your seminars, catalogs and presentations on promotional flash drives to get your company name and your wares in their hands at low cost! Choose the colors and styles of USB thumb drives that you want, then pick the memory size—2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB or larger—that fits your needs. Schools, educators, computer retailers and any business with printed material will love these custom imprinted flash drives!

Quality Custom USB Drives With Your Personal or Company Logo

We use the most reliable and durable method to construct our Custom USB Drives. The circuit board is set onto posts within the housing, which holds the entire unit in place. Ensuring longtime usage without the drive breaking down. And it’s because of these standards, we stand by our USB’s with a Flash Drive One Year  Warranty.

Your clients can transport their most important documents, data, photos and videos with the ease and convenience of a credit card usb. Plus, our credit card drives feature the largest surface area in our inventory. For printing or engraving your full-color custom graphics, logo or tagline. It’s like sticking a billboard in their pocket.

Promotional USB Memory Sticks & Customized USB Drives In UAE

When it comes to style, we aim to give you as much freedom as we can possibly provide. As such, we have over 100 promotional USB styles for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something corporate, artistic or recreational, there is a style for every occasion. Your chosen USB will come with a 1-2 color print on both sides as standard, or you can have a 4 color spot/pantone colours or full-colour printing to match your company’s branding. We also offer laser engraving.

A Reliable backup that carries their data and your logo.

Show off your brand at your next promotional event with custom USB flash drives. They are perfect for storing your company presentations, sales brochures, catalogs and more. Keep your branded USB flash drive handy by attaching it to your keychain when on the go or traveling. Complete with your business name and contact information for maximum brand awareness.

We offer free customization on all of our products. For your logo or design. We offer these imprint capabilities: laser engraving, sub-surface laser engraving, and full-color UV printing

What Is a Customized USB Drives?

A USB (Universal Serial Bus) flash drive is a plug-and-play portable storage device. It uses flash memory and is small and lightweight, easily able to be attached to a keychain. Flash memory is a kind of memory storage device for computers and electronic devices. Flash memory is a kind of computer chip with no moving parts that retains its data even when powered off.

USB flash drives are also commonly known as USB drives, flash drives, USB sticks, USB thumb drives, key drives and pen drives. USB drives are widely used for writing and transferring computer files such as documents, spreadsheets and images.

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